Vovan Shop Pattaya

Vovan Shop Pattaya

  • Leather and souvenir shop.
  • Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00.
  • Transfer order from 10.00 to 18.00.
  • Free round-trip transportation is provided.

Vovan Shop Pattaya - review.

Vovan Shop in Pattaya is an interesting and unique store in its own way.

For the convenience of customers - especially a free transfer to and from shops from any hotel in the city.

The consultants will tell you about all the products and will not try to deceive you. They notify the buyer which souvenir is made of natural ivory, and which of the cow's skin is “like an elephant”.

Vovan Shop Pattaya gift shop has an astronomical selection of products. Tourists run their eyes wide. If you need crocodile leather products in Pattaya, stingray skin, sea snake, python, eel, ostrich, shark, kangaroo, alligator or frog, then this store is for you. From the products you can choose a wallet, belt, handbag, handbag, clutch and much more in a variety of colors.

All leather goods of exotic animals in the Vovan Shop Pattaya store are certified and allowed for export outside the Kingdom of Thailand.

Payment for purchases in the Vovan store is possible in cash both in Thai baht and in foreign currency: in US dollars, euros or Russian rubles. Non-cash payments Mastercard and Visa are also accepted.

Getting to the store is easy, just call for free delivery + 66-92-109-21-26.

The quality of Vovan Shop products is excellent, and the prices are quite pleasant. Having bought an exclusive handbag or wallet from Vova Shop, you will enjoy not only excellent quality, but also pleasant memories of a trip to Pattaya for a long time.

Product catalog Vovan Shop Pattaya:

  • Leather goods of exotic animals (crocodile, python, stingray, frogs). Sometimes with big discounts.
  • Artificial leather products (of course, it will be indicated where it is a fake, and where is the original).
  • Souvenirs, including with details from the skin of exotic animals.
  • A small Thai pharmacy of traditional medicine.

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