River Kwai and Thai Express

River Kwai and Thai Express

Group tour price: ฿ 3900, a child up to 12 years in 3200 ฿. Single room supplement 500 ฿.

River Kwai and Thai Express privately. The price depends on the number of people. Approximate price 22000-35000 baht for a group of up to 10 people.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Departure at 4.00, return on the 2nd day at 20.00.

The price includes: transfer everywhere, all tickets according to the program, elephant riding, meals, insurance, guide.
Take with you: a towel, a swimsuit, a camera, money, a copy of your passport!

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River Kwai and Thai Express - Description of the program

River Kwai and Thai Express - Popular excursion in Pattaya. The difference and amazing event from the standard program on the River Kwai on the proposed trip is a visit to the Umbrella Opening Market in Samut Songkran Province.


In the morning, after departure, you will stop for breakfast in the cafes and toilets. Then there will be a farmer's coke house, and a story about the technology of coconut oil production.
After that there will be a walk on a Thai long boat to the floating market.

Umbrella Opening Market in Samut Songkran Province.

Exactly at 12.00 the gong rings, the stalls instantly collapse and the train passes through the market. The train is listed in the book of records as the most dangerous.

This market can be visited on several more excursions: Thai Express and Kwai 2.0.

White Temple

Next will be a beautiful white temple - one of the oldest monasteries in Thailand. Here you will see the Muay Thai Boxing School. In the courtyard a large pot in which the monks brew a wonderful tea for boxers.

You will be given to try this tea. Then there will be a ritual of purifying karma in the form of feeding small animals in a mini-zoo.
Further in the program there is a glade of monkeys, feeding and photos.


The next item on the program is the Elephant Village of Mahavan. Ride an elephant for about 40 minutes. Who wants, can give 100 to the driver, and this will allow you to swim with an elephant. An elephant can also spit water at you from its trunk. General delight !!

Then a small show of elephants. Elephants will dance on their hind legs, rotate the hoop and can drink milk from the canister.


Then everyone puts on a bathing suit and goes down to the river. Rafting on a tropical river on rafts or jackets for about an hour.

Radon mineral springs

In the morning, after breakfast, departure to the thermal mineral springs. Tanks with different water temperatures with a health effect. There, on the market you can buy fruit, the juice from sugar cane.


Then Eravan waterfall, which is located in the jungle, where we will be in about 3 hours! Enjoy a full program massage swimming with fish! Beauty extraordinary! The nature around is amazing.
Then lunch at Erawan reserve.

Tour Schedule River Kwai and Thai Express

I Day

  • 3:00-3:50 departure from Pattaya
  • The market of drop-down umbrellas (we have breakfast and watch the train).
  • Wat Baan Kung temple and Thai boxing school.
  • Floating village (boating).
  • Dinner.
  • 7-level waterfall Erawan 3.5 hours.
  • Check-in at the hotel (three accommodation options: water, land, fruit houses).
  • Rafting on the river Kwai in vests.
  • Dinner. Fruit garden on site, catamarans.

II Day

  • Breakfast.
  • Hot radon springs Hindat.
  • Sayok Noi waterfall - swimming.
  • Elephant farm (elephant riding, show).
  • Feeding wild monkeys in the temple.
  • Dinner.
  • Temple of the Tiger Wat Tam Sya.
  • Return to Pattaya.

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