Kingdom Sukhothai

Kingdom Sukhothai for 2 days.

The Kingdom of Sukhothai is an ancient Thai kingdom centered on the city of Sukhothai, north-central part of present-day Thailand. Established 1238 - 1438 Sukhothai City declared a World Heritage Site in 1991

Group option

Tour price (adult / children): 6900/5900 ฿;

Private option

25000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 5500 ฿.

Small groups: 4-8 people. English speaking guide - historian. From 4 people every day.


Kingdom Sukhothai - description

The Kingdom Sukhothai is located about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The territory of the park Sukhothai - just awesome.

Nowadays, the ancient capital lies in picturesque ruins. Numerous its temples were built in the unique style of the ancient Khmers (Cambodia) and the island of Ceylon.

Park Old Sukhothai is divided into several sections. The most beautiful zone is the central, in the old days it was the territory of the royal family.

What you will see on the excursion Kingdom Sukhothai:

We will visit two historical parks of Thailand - Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai. Visit Sukhothai Park twice - in the evening (very beautiful, the lights turn on) in the morning.

We will also stop at the picturesque cascade waterfall (you can swim) and visit a cave temple.
A night in a luxury spa boutique hotel will add zest to this journey. Since you will have 2 days, you can see everything without haste.

Schedule tour Kingdom Sukhothai

1 day:

  • 5.00 Departure from Pattaya hotels.
  • 8.00 Stop for breakfast.
  • 9.00 The Mirror Temple, one of the most impressive and unusual temples in Thailand, we will visit the three most amazing temples within the complex.
  • 12.30 Historical Park "Diamond Wall", included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • 13.30 Lunch.
  • 15.00 Rest in the Thai health center Phra Ruang, with mineral hot springs and pools with healing water.
  • 17.00 Arrival in the historical city of Sukhothai, check in to the hotel (you can order a massage at the hotel, there is a swimming pool).
  • 17.30 Evening walk through the historic city of Sukhothai, you can visit the souvenir shops of the night market. Guests can rent bicycles at the hotel.
  • 19.00 Dinner in a national restaurant on the lake.
  • 20.00 Relax, you can order a massage at the hotel.

2 day

  • 7.30 Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 8.00 Walk through the historic park of Sukhothai on a tourist tram open, who wants to explore the park on their own - we provide bicycles. You can also take a golf car (for an additional fee).
  • 10.30 Return to the hotel, free time, you can relax by the pool, have a cup of coffee or tea.
  • 12.00 Lunch.
  • 13.30 A stunningly beautiful temple in the ancient city of Phitsanulok - Wat Chan Tawan Tok.
    Wat Phra Rattana Mahatat is an ancient Buddhist temple located on the banks of the Nan River.
    The temple was founded in 1357 during the reign of King Maha Thammaradsh of Sukkothai. The temple is famous throughout Thailand for its golden Buddha sculpture called Phra Buddha Chinnarat. This image is considered the most beautiful Buddha portrait in Thailand. The Buddha was cast over 700 years ago by King Mahatmaracha Lithai of the Sukkothai dynasty.
    The temple houses the Chinnarat National Buddha Museum, which houses a significant collection of art from the heyday of Kingdom of Sukhothai.
  • 17.30 Temple complex of the monk Luang Phu Tuang in Ayutthaya.
  • 21.00 Return to Pattaya.

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