Cambodia. Prices for a tour to Cambodia from Pattaya:

Group tour price:

Standard program. Hotel 3 * 12900 ฿ adult, 10900 child from 2 to 12 years old. Single supplement: 800 ฿.
Cambodia VIP. Hotel 5 * - Adult 13500 ฿ / child 11500 ฿, extra charge for a single: 1000.

Private tour price:

  • 1 person - 29400 baht;
  • 2 people - 35000 baht;
  • 3 people - 44000 baht;
  • 4 people - 51000 baht;
  • 5 people - 57000 baht;
  • 6 people - 64000 baht;

Tourists from some countries that do not have a visa-free regime in Thailand, additionally pay a visa of 1300.

Departure daily. Departure at 04:00, return at 22:00 - 23:00 on the second day.
Take with you: a passport, two photos 3/4, a migration card, a camera, something on your head, comfortable shoes, clothes covering your shoulders and knees, pocket money.

The price of the tour Cambodia includes: visa, transfer throughout the program, Russian, English-speaking guide, all entrance fees, hotel, 4 meals a day.

Cambodia. Standard option. First day.

Way and hotel

At 4.30 you will be picked up on a comfortable bus with air conditioning. About 4 hours to the border, with a stop at a gas station.

The first breakfast is not included in the program. Advised to take a lunch box from the hotel. Or you can just have a snack at a local cafe.

Somewhere at 8:30 arrival at the border. Here you will meet a guide who will take you to Cambodia. For organized groups of tourists will move fast. The border crossing during 20 min.

Later, in Cambodia, you are met by another guide who will be with you throughout your journey. With it, you get in the big buses and go to the city of Siem Reap, near which, and the world-famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

The road will take another hour and a half. During the journey, the guide will talk a little about the history of Cambodia, about the infamous Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime, which even in small groups hide in the jungle of the country.

Then check in to a very nice hotel Grand River View Boutique 4 *. Lunch.

Mountain or Lake (extra charge)

In the program of excursions there is no Lake Tanlesap now, but if you want, for an additional fee of 500, the guide takes you to this interesting place where you can see the life of Vietnamese immigrants in all its glory. Houses on stilts in the water, children floating in basins.

If you ride a boat on the lake, the locals will accompany you, show snakes and beg for money. Giving is not necessary.

After the mountain, you will go to the show Apsara, where you will see traditional dances of Cambodia. There is also a restaurant where you can dine. Buffet.

Free time. You can walk along Siem Reap, wander around the market, which is not far from the hotel. You can even see the local Walking Street, which is inferior in scope to its counterpart in Pattaya.

Cambodia Angkor Wat. Second day

In Angkor Wat ... A great deal has been written about these greatest and most famous ruins of antiquity. Under the shadow of the Cambodian jungle, near the city of Siem Reap, is Angkor Wat - a huge Hindu relic, the largest ancient ruins in the world. But it is better to see once ... The excursion in this complex lasts about 3 hours.


Then you go to Bayonn with impressive stone sculptures of Buddha’s faces. The temple is decorated with rectangular buildings, with different heights and at different levels. On all sides of these buildings, the image of the Buddha is located in such a way that from wherever you look at it, you will certainly meet the look of the “Sage”.

Ta Prom

Then Ta Prom - temples, absorbed by the jungle, where they were shooting the film Lara Croft with Angelina Jolie. The discoverers were so impressed with this place that they decided to leave Ta Prohm in the form in which it was found.

It is worth noting that according to the laws of Cambodia, only locals can be guides in all these places.

Temple of Genocide

Then dinner and the Temple of Genocide, which keeps the memory of the Khmer Rouge, the terrible times in the history of the country. Not for the faint of heart.

Around 11:30 pm you will return to Pattaya. At this two-day option ends.

Those who purchased the tour for three days, on the last day will visit the Phnom Kulen Nature Reserve, which has attractions such as a recumbent Buddha, Thousand Lingam River, a huge waterfall, the ruins of ancient settlements and Khmer villages.

Cambodia from Pattaya. Short schedule

I Day

  • 04:30 Departure from Pattaya.
  • 06.00 Stop. Breakfast.
  • 08.30 Border. Fast passage.
  • 11.00 Siem Reap - overview, hotel, lunch.
  • 14.30 Mountain overlooking Angkor (or the lake 500 ฿).
  • 19.00 Dinner in the restaurant, dancing "Apsara".
  • 20:30 Private time.

II Day

  • 07:00 Breakfast.
  • 08.30 am All famous ruins: Angkor, Bayon, Ta Prom Prome Terraces of Elephants and King Leprosy.
  • 14.00 Lunch.
  • 15.30 The Museum of Genocide.
  • 18:30 Passing the border within 5 minutes.
  • 22:00 Arrival in Pattaya.

Day Three

Three-day price 13500 ฿:

  • 08.30 Breakfast.
  • 09.30 Visit to the National Park Phnom Kulen
  • 14.00 Lunch in the park.
  • 18.30 Departure home.

More options for excursions from Pattaya to Cambodia:

These options don't work yet!

Angkor Small circle + sunset + Phnom Kulen + waterfalls, river 1000 lingams.
Hotel 3-4 *, 2 days, Mon, Wed, Fri.
Adult 7200 ฿, children 2-11 years old 5800.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *.
Adult 6400 ฿, children 2-11 years old 4800 ฿.

Angkor Big Circle, lake, waterfall,
1000 lingams river.
Hotel 3 *, 3 days, daily from 2 people.
Adult 11900 ฿, children 2-11 years old 10700 ฿.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *, 3 days.
Adult 11500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 10,000 ฿.

Angkor Big Circle, lake, waterfall,
1000 lingams river.
Hotel 3-4 *, 2 days, daily from 2 people.
Adult 11500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 9800 ฿.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *.
Adult 10500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 9800 ฿.

Cambodia Avatar.
Angkor Large and Small Circle.
Hotel 3-4 *, 2 days, daily from 2 people.
Adult 10400 ฿, children 2-11 years old 9000 ฿.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *.
Adult 9500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 7800 ฿.

Cambodia Angkor +
Death Pyramid of Koh Ker.
Hotel 3-4 *, 2 days, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Adult 7200 ฿, children 2-11 years old 6000 ฿.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *.
Adult 6500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 4600 ฿.

Preah Vihear + Angkor + evening Angora + lake + waterfalls + river + Phnom Kulen.
Hotel 3-4 *, 4 days, daily from 2 people.
Adult 18500 ฿, children 2-11 years old 17500 ฿.

Economy option. Hotel 2 *. Adult 17000, children 2-11 years old 15500 ฿.

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  1. Hi
    Do you have any available 3 day tour for one person leaving 6th August from Pattaya?
    Many thanks

  2. Dear sir,
    We are planning to visit Cambodia angor wat and near by place from pattaya.

    We are in pattaya on 3rd and 4th Oct 19, so we will plane to visit 2 days Cambodia 5th and 5th Oct 19.
    15 pax pickup pattaya and return BKK Airport.
    Hotel room, meals, visa, sightseeing with entry.
    How much cost per pax?

  3. Hello! I will visit Pattaya for the first three weeks of februari next year. I plan to go on your standard package tour to Cambodia. My question is: does the hotel offer a pool to relax in with this package? Is the Visa included? Im a Finish (Finland) passport holder. Best regards Tomas

  4. Hi.
    We would like to do a 3 day trip to Angkor Wat from Pattaya. Not sure if it is open. Also your availability.

    Regards Mitch

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