The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth.

Group option

Price: 850 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 600 ฿.

Private option

Price: per car

1-2 people 1300 ฿.
3-5 people 1800 ฿.
minibus up to 12 people 2500 ฿. Additional tickets 400 ฿/person, children up to 120 cm 200 ฿/person.

Daily. Duration 3 hours. Without a guide. Without prepayment.

The program includes: transfer there and back, entrance fees.
Take with you: clothes that cover your knees and shoulders, a camera.

The Sanctuary of Truth Description

The Sanctuary of Truth - in Pattaya with great positive energy. The temple was built without nails in wood, located in the north of Pattaya, in a beautiful location on the Cape Rachavate, with stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.

What do you see in The Sanctuary of Truth.

Four of the spire of the Temple of Truth represent the four elements, symbolizing a perfect world system:

  • The sculpture of a celestial body from a tree. A virgin with a lotus flower in her hands.
  • Wooden sculpture of heaven with a baby in her arms - symbol of life.
  • Sculpture with a book in their hands - the eternal symbol of immortal philosophy
  • The sculpture, which is in the hands of pigeon - symbol of peace.

In the Sanctuary of Truth are held show. The show starts at 11.30 and 15.30. These are several dancers and two warriors in traditional clothes.

After the performance, you can take pictures with the artists.

Additional entertainment in the Temple of Truth for a fee:

  • Boat ride 20 minutes (+200 ฿).
  • Riding on elephants (+250 ฿).
  • Horse-drawn carriage ride (+150 ฿).

Women should not enter this iconic building with bare shoulders and knees.
After a deposit of 200, they give a cape at the entrance and help to put it on correctly.

Note that before at the Temple of Truth there were several guides. But now there are no such guides. Therefore, a tour to the Temple of Truth is conducted without a guide.

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