Safari World

Safari World in Bangkok from Pattaya.
Price: 1800 ฿. Price A child up to 120 cm 1500.
By even numbers at 7.30.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Safari World + dinner at the Bayok Sky skyscraper.
Price: 2700 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 2200.
By even numbers at 7.30.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Safari World with lunch + Maha Nakhon.
Price: 2700 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2200 ฿.
Not even days. 8.00-20.00.
Without a guide. No prepayment.

Safari World + lunch + Show Siam Niramit.
Price: 3200 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 2600 ฿.
By even numbers at 7.30. For dinner, another 200 ฿.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

The price includes: transfer, entrance tickets, shows, lunch, insurance. Without a guide.
Take with you: hat, money, video photo.

Safari World - Description

Safari World in Bangkok - the best place for those who love animals, who love the show with their participation and who does not like when the animals sit in cages.

Zoo in Bangkok really looks like safari. Visitors travel by car with bars, and the outside will run zebras, elephants, antelopes, tigers, hippopotamus and large herds of large birds: owls, pelicans, cranes and marabou.

Everything here is reminiscent of the natural habitat of animals - the jungle, overgrown with palm trees and bamboo.
Tourists especially love boat trips along the river through thickets similar to the jungle.

In addition to a good overview of all animals, in the Safari World there are constantly shows with birds, monkeys, tigers, comic performances with parrots, boxing of orangutans and the Wild West Theater and James Bond.

Everyone loves the alley of giraffes. You can not only see these beautiful and kind animals, but also treat them with delicacy. This alley is made of elevation for feeding, and tourists are located exactly at the level of the head of animals.

Water Park Marine Park

As for Marina Park, here visitors will be able to look at a variety of marine life: dolphins, killer whales, seals and tricks performed by them. Thai students come here and play with seals and dolphins, dancing and jumping.

The Safari park every day on schedule are a few show. Most notable of these are considered to be a show with dolphins, sea lions, and elephants and monkeys.

This version - the best in Thailand, if you want to visit the zoo. The only negative - far from Pattaya, but the bus is air-conditioned and you will enjoy the result.

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