Carnival masks

Carnival masks of Phi Ta Kon usually in June.
The exact program of the tour is known on the eve of the carnival.

Price is known only on the eve of the carnival
In the price all inclusive: full board, guide, transfers throughout, 4 * hotel, all tickets.

Phi Ta Kon Carnival masks - Description

Carnival masks happens only once a year. Interestingly, the exact date of the festival, the monks announce about three weeks before the event, after the end of negotiations with the spirits. Well, or you can just look at the official website of the Office of Tourism of Thailand.

You will participate in all actions in the status of guests of honor of the carnival.
You will go to the northeast of Thailand, in the province of Isan.

A a rule, all the girls working in the bars of Pattaya, come from Isan. Some people believe that this area is very poor, but do not poorer than other regions, and the girls come to Pattaya because it's just such a tradition ...


During the festival, almost all government offices send their employees to participate in the procession. All are dressed in national costumes. Sometimes, large cars covered with multicolored fabrics merrily pass along the main street of the city Don Sai.

On the route of the procession will be shops with souvenirs, drinks, food. Thai music is heard everywhere.
Painted half-naked men, with models of phalluses in their hands, will accompany the procession. Some participants will hold in their hands large wooden figures of men with bare genitals. It should be noted that the abundance of phalluses in the procession is quite large.

The colorful procession through the main street, with singing and dancing comes to the temple Ponchaev where all ends of the Buddhist ceremony.

The next action is launching a large bamboo rocket that will call for a rainy summer.

The final day is marked by performing magical rituals and actions shocking the unprepared viewer.

After Carnival masks

The place where the festival is held, located near the nature reserve, where you can swim in a perfectly waterfalls. Over the entire period of the festival in the valley Dan Sak, We look:

  • ethnical settlement At Tea,
  • waterfalls Than Sawan,
  • Chom Pa Kang Song Con and a Buddhist monastery Wat holes.

We will make visits to these places in the morning and participate in the carnival in the afternoon.
This tour is better to book in advance!

Program Carnival masks:

  • Departure from Pattaya on the excellent transport with armchairs at 6.00
  • Arrival in Dan Sai and check in to the hotel at 16.00.
  • Three days of living in a luxury hotel in a picturesque valley on the banks of a beautiful mountain stream. The hotel is decorated in Thai style, beside it are huge images of terrible spirits.
  • Departure to Pattaya at 10.30, arrive at 20.30 with stops.

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