Pattaya sky

Pattaya sky - extreme flights over the city.

Pattaya sky - overview

Sightseeing flights in Pattaya on various aircraft:

  • Gyrocopters.
  • Paramotors and paratrikes.
  • Paragliding in tandem.
  • Tandem skydiving.

Almost everyone, since childhood, has dreamed of going up into the sky and flying above the clouds! Many people fall in love with the sport as they watch paragliders, gliders and ultralight aircraft fly like birds in the sky.

We take to the skies every day as Pattaya is a famous destination for these sports.

We give people the opportunity to fly something small for the first time and feel complete freedom!

An incredible feeling of flying among the clouds, with magnificent views of Pattaya and its environs, will leave the most vivid memories of your holiday in Thailand!

Flights can be carried out with a gift certificate or with the organization of a surprise for the customer (birthday or significant event).

Pattaya sky - prices and info

Flight on the beaches of Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Beach or Mabrachan Lake.

  • Flight + no photo or video / Price: 4.900 ฿.
  • Flight + Photos+Videos + SD Card / Price: 6.900 ฿.
  • Flight + Photos +Videos and Videos 4K/360 (2nd perspective) +SD Card / Price: 7.900 ฿.
  • Flight: 20-25 minutes, (+10 minutes, extra 1000 ฿).
  • Transfer included.

Sightseeing flight on a gyrocopter.

  • Transfer included.
  • Price: 9.000 ฿
  • Approximately 20-25 minutes.

A choice of two German 2020 models with an open cockpit and a closed one. The safest aircraft with an integrated parachute system.

Training with obtaining a pilot's license:

  • Gyrocopters 180.000 (20 hours) full pilot course.
  • Paramotor / paratrike 28.000 ฿. APPI course Paramotor.
  • Paragliding 30.000 APPI course Parapro / Parapro 2.

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