Lopburi - Monkey city tour from Pattaya.

Group Option

Price: 3000 ฿, children up to 130 cm - 2200, up to 90 cm - free of charge.

Private Option

Price: ฿ 12000 for 2 people, + ฿ 2500 for each additional person.

From 4 people can go any day. Day length. Without prepayment. Dinner. English speaking guide

  • Included: all entrance fees, round trip transfer, guide, meals.
  • Take with you: camera, hat, money for personal expenses.

Lopburi City Monkeys Description and Schedule

Lopburi - City monkeys. Tour the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire.
Monkey City is a 2-hour drive from Bangkok. Many centuries ago it was the center of the Khmer Empire.

Remarkably, it was built during the time of the French Louis 14. The symbiosis of Asian and French architectural styles is amazing.
Lopburi is better known as the city of monkeys, as flocks of impudent animals live on its territory.


  • 6.00 Departure from Pattaya hotels.
  • 8.00 Stopping for breakfast.
  • 9.00 Cave King Narayan.

Lopburi surroundings.

  • The magnificent palace was built as the summer home of King Narayan, who lived here in the 17th century. Nearby is the Amazing Cave, in the evenings bats fly out from there every day.
  • 10.00 Thai shrine - one of the five most sacred Buddhist temples in the world - Wat Phra Vuttabat
  • 11.00 The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Thailand - the city of Lopburi monkeys. In the city we will see how monkeys and people live peacefully together. In addition, you look at the ancient temples in the Khmer style.


  • 12.00 Shocking Monastery Wat Phrabat Namphu (AIDS temple) in a picturesque mountain valley about Lopburi - not for the faint of heart. This is the place where tourists do not drive. The temple, where they live the last days, people infected with AIDS. You can visit the choice: the monastery or the surrounding picturesque valley with two caves. (visit optional)
  • 14.30 Lunch in the best European restaurant in the city of Lopburi. European cuisine. The choice of different types of soups, steaks, salads, ice cream and drinks.

Mirror Temple Wat Ta Son

  • 16.00 Majestic and extraordinarily beautiful Mirror Temple. The idea of the builders is to arrange everything in the temple so that nothing interferes with meditation and harmony. The light reflected from all sides leads visitors into a deep trance, opening the other side of consciousness. Some visitors to the temple notice such unusual sensations as entering the nirvana.
    Also we will see the largest statue of Buddha in Thailand.
  • 19.00 Return to Pattaya.

More extended tour to Lopburi on excursions Path to Avatar.

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