Pattaya sheep farm

Sheep farm in Pattaya. Only in private

Transfer to the sheep farm and back

  • Car 1-3 people 1500 ฿
  • 4-5 people 1800 ฿
  • 6-12 people 2500 ฿

+ tickets 100 baht/person.

Daily. At any time from 10.00 to 16.00. Order for 2 hours. Children under 100 cm are free. No prepayment. Without a guide.

Included: transfer, tickets.
Take with you: hat, money and children.

Pattaya Sheep Farm - description

Pattaya Sheep Farm is a good family trip to a local attraction.

The cartoony-looking Farm is home to many furry residents - cute outgoing animals.

Pattaya Sheep Farm also has:

  • A small fair.
  • Dutch style windmill.
  • Great restaurant.
  • Even a small floating market.
  • Zoo.

In fact, this is a large zoo with tons of cute creations. And they all live in a charming, picturesque setting in nature.

You can feed sheep and many other animals such as alpaca, sika deer, albino buffalo, donkey, pony, mini pigs, giant chicken, turkey, peacock, turtles, rabbits, ducks and geese.

Restaurant Bar

The Steakhouse Bar is located right in the center of the Sheep Farm. The signature dish, ironically, is lamb. Pork skewers and steak sandwiches are also present. The quality of the food is excellent.

Floating market

The floating market Sheep Farm offers a small selection of outlets selling clothes, accessories and souvenirs, as well as a variety of food. Boat rides around the small lake where the market is located are also available. Those who wish can move through the water inside the inflatable balloon.

Pattaya Sheep Farm several times a day shows bird shows: parrots, rhinoceros birds and others.

Children can have fun here to the fullest:

  • Balloon drawing.
  • Ferris wheel riding.
  • You can shoot at targets.
  • Jump on a trampoline.
  • Farm also offers pony rides.

The staff of the Sheep Farm speaks foreign languages, which makes it easy for visitors to Thailand to visit this place. This is an ideal place for selfie lovers with a variety of unique natural views for taking pictures and for hugs with a cute sheep or a friendly goat.

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