Instagram Tour

Instagram tour in Pattaya.

Price: 1900 ฿ adult / 1500 ฿ children.

To be paid additionally on the spot (optional):

  • Horse riding - 100 ฿; Elephant riding - 200 ฿.
  • Breakfast at the Black Forest cafe;
  • an offering in the temple for the ritual (about 100 baht);
  • dinner; souvenirs.

Departure days: daily. 9.30-18.30. Departure will take place if there is a group of 3 people or more. Small groups of 3 to 7 people.

Included: all park tickets, drink at Cafe 331, turtle food.
Take: photo-video, money, hat.

Instagram tour Pattaya - description

Instagram Tour Pattaya are selected and memorable points of the famous resort. All the places that Pattaya guests love to visit. A large number of excellent points for shooting with the camera against the backdrop of beautiful panoramas. No more than 10 people in a group.

We will have a very busy day.

In addition to these points, you will visit Buddhist monasteries: the Temple of the Turtle + Valley of the Turtles, as well as the Golden Temple with a ritual to attract Fortune.

Great photo excursion, unforgettable experience plus Thai style lunch. The tour is full of interesting and beautiful places.

Your social media page will be replenished with spectacular photos, and you will earn hundreds of likes! Instagram Tour Pattaya is perfect for a photo shoot!

Instagram Tour Pattaya program:

  • The largest and most beautiful Temple in Pattaya is the GOLDEN TEMPLE, you can take part in the "Attract Good Luck" ritual.
  • HOBBIT VILLAGE. Inspired by the Lord of the Rings films.
  • Park-cafe by the lake "Churny Les", 3D gallery, photographs with women with long necks. (Optionally, you can drink tea / coffee with cakes).
  • Turtle Temple (fantastically beautiful newly built temple in the vicinity of Pattaya).
  • Lake of the Lotus. Stop for a photo session.
  • Valley of the Turtles. Let's feed the big turtles.
  • Cafe "Station 331", located on board the airliner. Museum of military equipment.
  • Restaurant - Park Somtavin. Great places for photos. Lunch à la carte (European and Thai cuisine).
  • Park "Legend Pong", ride through the park on a traditional Thai tuk-tuk. Lots of places for great photos. Lavender fields.

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