Thai safari

Thai safari - new family tour in Pattaya

Group option

Price: 1600 ฿, 1400 ฿ children under 12 years old.

Note: group tours are conducted with a Russian group and a Russian guide.

Private option

7000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 1200 ฿.

DAILY! No shopping!

Animal food. Photo with a crocodile. Photo with a lion cub. Photo with a small orangutan in an embrace. The photo of an elephant is raising on a trunk.

Photo for 100 ฿, food from 20 ฿. Horse riding - 100 ฿.

A similar excursion is the Discovery Tour. All excursions to zoos in Pattaya.

Thai safari - Description

Two popular petting zoos (Khao Kheo + New SIRI Tiger Zoo), elephant riding, crocodile feeding and delicious lunch.

On the Thai safari excursion there will be excellent locations for photo shoots: a waterfall with a lake where beautiful koi swim.

Siri's new tiger zoo.

Elephant riding at the zoo!

The SIRI zoo is inhabited by: capybaras (large rodents), horses, ponies, elephants, monkeys, kids, big turtles, piglets, raccoons, lions, kangaroos.

We will visit iguanas, kangaroos, parrots, rabbits and feed them all. It will also be possible to fish for crocodiles and giant arapime fish.

Safari Park Khao Kheo.

We ride through the park on open shuttle basses!

Animals we will see: spotted deer, monkeys, chameleons, gibbons, red panda, penguins, binturong, porcupine, two-toed sloth, hippopotamus, giraffes, antelopes, white lion, rhinos, ostriches, flamingos, Malay bears, lemurs (weekends) ), bird park, elephants, wonderland (koalas, fur seals, caimans, etc.), tapirs, tigers, Australia (kangaroos, camels, cassowaries).

Thai safari - tour program

  • 8.00 Departure from hotels in Pattaya.
  • 8.40 - 13.30 SAFARI PARK KHAO KHEOW
  • 13.30 Lunch.
  • 14.30 - 16.30 Tiger SAFARI PARK SIRI.
  • 17.10 Return to the hotels in Pattaya.

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