Stalker new tour 2 days.

Group option

Price for adults 5200 ฿. Child 4200 ฿.

Individual option

Price for 2 people 22000 ฿. Each additional person + 4500 ฿.

Departure from Pattaya 6.00. You will return the next day at 22.00.
Guide speaks English. Only with prepayment.

Stalker light for 1 day. Search sapphires.

Group option

Price for adults 3000 ฿. Children's 1500 ฿.

Individual option

Price for 2 people 13000 ฿. Each additional person + 2500 ฿.

Departure from Pattaya at 6.00. Return at 20.00. Guide speaks English. Only with prepayment.

Stalker - a new unique trip to the three state reserves in the Kingdom.

Adventure tour of Chantaburi province.
Single supplement in hotel: 750 bath.

The price includes: hotel (tour for 2 days), guide, transfer, all tickets.
Take with you: swimwear, towel, money for personal expenses.

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Stalker Description

Stalker - a new author's excursion to the south-eastern region of the Kingdom of Thailand.
Three national parks in two days.

Adventure tour of the province of Chanthaburi and you will see for yourself that you have not seen anything like this before!

What you will see on the Stalker tour:

  • karst caves, go through the mountains
  • conquer mangroves on a boat
  • take a walk on the deck of a real warship
  • visit a gemstone quarry
  • as well as the gem market,
  • swimming in waterfalls, learn the secrets of Buddhism.
  • we will spend the night on the banks of a mountain river in a beautiful hotel, with a magnificent landscape.

We have traveled hundreds of kilometers of roads and included in this program all the most interesting and best that we could find, for you we have chosen not a cheap but high-quality hotel that will take you from hot and stuffy Pattaya to the light coolness of Thailand's national park!

This tour is an expanded version of the Expedition tour, which quickly became quite popular in Pattaya. Groups of no more than 10 people.

The first day

  • Departure from Pattaya at 7:00
  • Stop for breakfast at the coffee house.
  • The frigate of the Second World War, who participated in military operations and even fought on the side of the USSR during the defeat of militarist Japan. You can come on board.
  • Boat trip on mangrove thickets, with access to the open sea. We will see rare species of birds, flying foxes, lizards and other animals. Also in mangroves we'll look at a unique house where ghosts live for more than a hundred years.
  • Visits to a group of seven caves.
  • Dinner.
  • Waterfall Plio. Bathing with huge carps in a waterfall will not leave anyone indifferent! A huge fish eats beans with pleasure. On the territory of the waterfall there is an ancient stupa, where the ashes of Princess Sunandi, who tragically died while riding a boat through the canals of Bangkok, are kept.
  • Check in at the hotel on the bank of the mountain river Baan Suan Rudee. The hotel is located in a picturesque canyon. This is a real oasis, adjacent to the national park with a view of the mountains. On the territory of the hotel there are all conditions for a comfortable stay - Thai massage (not included in the tour price), swimming pool, tables and gazebos on the bank of a mountain river for a romantic evening
  • You can visit the Truk Nong waterfall, which is located next to our hotel. This is a quiet place in the jungle where you can swim before the national park closes at 17:00 and return to the hotel on your own.
  • Dinner at the hotel.

Second day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Departure from the hotel at 8:00.
  • Visits to the Buddhist unique park, grandiose sizes, where you can see dozens of beautiful sculptural compositions depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha. A great place for your photo shoots.
  • Visiting places of extraction of sapphires and rubies. We can see how the precious stones are mined.
  • Catholic church.
  • Visit the world famous gemstone market. You will see people selling and buying precious stones on the most famous gemstone exchange in Asia.
  • Those who wish can visit the Catholic Cathedral.
  • Lunch at a restaurant on the beach.
  • Exotic village of fishermen on the water.
  • The beach in the emerald bay of the national park. Is not it time for us to rest on a beautiful beach under the shade of trees and swim in the clear sea?
  • Enchanting completion of the program on the observation deck with a beautiful view of the sunset.

In addition, there will be stops in the most picturesque places for photographing.

Tour schedule Search sapphires - Stalker light for 1 day

  • 06.30 Departure.
  • 08.30 Ship of the Navy of Thailand.
  • 09.00 Canoeing along the canals and along the paths along the Mangrove bushes.
  • 11.00 A funicular ride uphill to the monastery of Wat Khao Sukim, legendary in Buddhism.
  • 13.00 Lunch.
  • 13.30 Swimming and recreation at the Plio Falls.
  • 15.00 Sapphire village, mining of precious stones.
  • 16.00 Catholic church.
  • 16.30 Emerald and sapphire street, with very low prices.
  • 18.00 Sunset on the cliff on the beach.
  • 20.00 Return to Pattaya.

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