Siamese clouds

Siamese clouds from Pattaya 2 days / 1 night

Adult price 5200 ฿.
Children up to 120 cm 3500 ฿.

Days of departure Tuesday.
Departure time from Pattaya 4.00.
Back the next day at 21.00.
Russian guide, speaks English. Prepay.

Siamese clouds and the Temple on the glass mountain. Informative tour from Pattaya overnight in the mountains to Khao Kho Park, in the province of Phetchabun.

Included in the price:
full meals (one day - European dishes, the other - Thai), guide, transfer, all tickets.
Take with you: warm clothes, money, a copy of your passport, video photo.

In the program of the tour Siamese clouds:

Ideally preserved to our days, the giant ancient city of the Khmer period lost in the jungle. It is located in the northern province of Phetchabun. The park is amazing, the Khmer ruins of a thousand years ago will not leave anyone indifferent.

The city began to build up in the VI century AD. The fragments found in the sculptures of the gods Vishnu and Krishna say that in those days Hinduism was practiced in these places. Through the territory of the ancient city we move on open golf carts

Oval waterfall

Swimming in the mountain clear lake at the foot of the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall Sri Dit - a favorite place for swimming vacationing locals and tourists.


Mystic cave of spirits, where, according to legend, in the Ayutthaya period the treasure of the Thai nobility was hidden from the advancing Burmese army.

High-altitude operating residence - the palace of the King of Thailand. At one of the peaks is a royal residence with a helipad. If the king is not in it, then it is open to tourists. True, the road to it is very steep. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with flowers.

Park of flowers

A unique park of high-altitude flowers. Walking among the extraordinary plants, you can learn more about the local flora, as well as wild animals and birds. The best period when the majority of beautiful plants blossom is from October to April


Wat Pran Sorn Keo - The Temple on Glass Mountain is a miracle of the Kingdom of Thailand. Perhaps the most beautiful temple in Thailand, which is located among lush green mountains in the lower northern province of Petchabun. The huge main Buddha statue in the temple consists of five statues of different sizes.

Buddha Park of Petchabun province.

Cave Phrom Sawat. A large historical cave with a temple inside.
On the way, we make stops in particularly picturesque places, from where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the mountains.

At dawn - fantastic unrealistically beautiful views - "Sea of Clouds".

The hotel in which you will spend the night is located literally Above the clouds.

Khao Kho National Park, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Phetchabun is called "Little Switzerland" for its fresh air and beautiful landscapes with clouds creeping over the earth.

Meals are included in the price (two meals, breakfast, dinner). One lunch and breakfast - European cuisine; one lunch and dinner - Thai food.

Tour Features Siamese clouds

The tour is for tourists who are not the first time in the country who are interested in the nature, traditions and religion of the country.

This program Siamese clouds does not require any physical activity from tourists, it is not necessary to walk a lot, and it is suitable even for people with disabilities.
You need to take warm things with you, it's cool in the mountains!

The excursion Siamese clouds can be made any day individually, if:
2 people on 8500 ฿;
3 people on 7500 ฿;
4 people for 6500 ฿;

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