River Kwai Premium

River Kwai Premium and Erawan Waterfall  2 days / 1 night.

Group tour price: adult 3.700 ฿, children up to 120 cm tall 2700 ฿.

Departure days: daily. Duration 2 days. Complete nutrition. Russian guide. Hotel 3*. Surcharge for single number 500 ฿. Give it back at the hotel.

River Kwai Premium and Erawan waterfall individually. The price depends on the number of guests. English or Russian speaking guide.

Approximate price 22000 baht for a group from 2 people

Daily. Departure at 4.30, returning the next day at 20.00. Russian or English speaking guide.

  • It includes: transfer, all tickets, hotel on the water, elephant rides, meals, insurance, guide.
  • Take with you:a copy of your passport, camera, comfortable shoes, something for your head, clothes with covered shoulders and knees, a towel, money.

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Russian version of the page.

River Kwai Premium - Description

The river Kwai Premium - most popular and most many-sided excursion in Pattaya.

River Kwai Premium is a smart two-day tour to the province Kanchanaburi! It is the most natural primitive wild Thailand!!! We recommend to visit Kwai at least once, and you fall in love with Thailand!!!

Tiger Cave Temple

You will see a floating market, where trade goes straight from the water. There you will go on an exciting trip on an exotic long-tail boat through narrow winding canals.

Then you will be taken to one of the most beautiful temple complexes in the province of Wat Tam Sya (Tiger Cave Temple).

The temple is famous for its powerful energy, and the residents of Kanchanburi come there to improve their karma. Here you will see a huge 69 meters Buddha statue.

Erawan Wateralls

The falls Eravan just as from the movie of a fantasy. Seven-level waterfall gradually reveals its magnificence: the cascade behind the cascade. Crystal-clear, blue water and beckons refreshment. At all levels you can swim.

Rafting on the River Kwai

One of the pleasant points of the program will be rafting down the River Kwai, where you will fully enjoy the unity with nature.

Our rafting takes place in the Sayok National Park, and this is the most clean and untouched by civilization part of the national park. The rafting takes place right in life jackets in the river. This is all voluntary. Who does not want to swim, he can stay on the raft.

Hotel on the River Kwai.

This is a comfortable bungalow on pontoons. Electricity, hot water, clean bedding, towels and hygiene products. The hotels are called Kwai Noi Resort and Star Hill.

Hot springs Hindad and Sayok Noi waterfall

At the beginning of the second day of the program bathing in hot mineral baths, which have a beneficial effect on the human body.
Then there will be a visit to another waterfall Sayok Noi. Fish will give you a foot massage.


Then you visit an elephant farm and take an unforgettable jungle ride. You will also see a colorful show with the participation of young trained elephants. This positive spectacle invariably brings joy to children and adults.

Monkey Temple and Tea

Then the Monkey Temple, where you feed the inhabitants.
The cave of desires and the famous "Death Road", immortalized in films and stories.

Kanchanaburi Province is one of the few tea provinces in Thailand. Liked varieties, as well as high-quality herbal cosmetics can be bought.

You will also stop at a famous herbal pharmacy selling medicinal fees collected at local national parks.

Guides will give you a lot of interesting information on history, customs of Thailand.
Tour on the river Kwai is obligatory to visit for each tourist.

River Kwai Premium — one of the oldest excursions. Therefore all the organization of tour is adjusted perfectly, buffet, comfortable transport with conditioners. In buses the cooled water and the napkins.

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Tour Schedule River Kwai Premium

1 Day

  • 04:10 Departure from the hotel.
  • 08:00 Stop for breakfast.
  • 09:00 Boat trip on the canals with a visit to the floating market. Wat Tam Sya Temple.
  • 12:00 Lunch.
  • 13:00 Visiting the Erawan Falls.
  • 16:40 Rafting on the river. Bodiraft
  • 17:20 Accommodation at the hotel.
  • 19:00 Dinner. Free time.

2 Day

  • 07:30 Breakfast. Check out from the hotel.
  • 09:00 Bathing in hot springs.
  • 10:30 Visit to the waterfall “Sayok Noi”.
  • 11:00 Walk on elephants.
  • 12:30 Monkey Temple. Feeding the monkeys. Dinner.
  • 14:00 Cave-Temple and the Road of Death.
  • 15:00 Thai Pharmacy and Tea House.
  • 20:00 Return to the hotel in Pattaya.

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