Bangkok-River Kwai

Bangkok-River Kwai from Pattaya - tour for 2 days. A mix of popular excursions in Pattaya to the Kwai River and to Bangkok.

Bangkok-River Kwai tour is private only.

The price is calculated depending on the number of people.

28000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 5800 ฿.

Days: any. Departure at 4.30, return the next day at 20.00.

Meals - everywhere buffet, Thai and European cuisine, drinks.
For an additional fee, you can also swim with elephants in the river for 20 minutes - 800 ฿.
Included: transfer, English speaking guide, food and hotel.

Take swimwear, a copy of your passport, photo video, money.

BOOKING TOUR Bangkok-River Kwai

Bangkok-River Kwai – tour program.

In Bangkok.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

It is the main shrine not only of the Thai capital, but of the whole Kingdom. Located in the central part of the city, it daily receives thousands of tourists and pilgrims. The construction of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha dates from the 18th century and the most interesting thing is that even today it continues to be considered a symbol of good luck.

Wat Arun, or Temple of the Morning Dawn.

It is originally a Hindu temple located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in the Thai capital. This is one of the most famous attractions in Asia. The temple is also a symbol of Bangkok.

Boat tour on the Chao Phraya River.

This river tour is very extensive and interesting. If this is your first time in Bangkok, then for an initial introduction to urban history and culture this is the best option.

Giant Turtle Temple.

Wat Prayoon - with a magnificent white pagoda and the Turtle Temple. Turtle Temple is a wonderful place. It seems that there is very calm and peaceful.

Dragon House - Wat Sampran.

This is an original Buddhist temple with a 17-story building in Nakhon Pathom province. From a distance, it resembles a fairytale tower from Disneyland rather than a religious site. The temple is not included in the main tourist guides to the sights of Thailand.

Kanchanaburi Province - Kwai River

Road of death.

A trip along the infamous Death Road is one of the most scenic moments of a Bangkok-Kwai excursion.

Phrathat Cave Cave.

It is part of the Erawan National Park. The cave is huge and equipped with wooden walkways and bridges.

Hindad Hot Springs.

Here is a wonderful location - in the forest, on the banks of the river, in the bosom of the wild and in the shade of forest trees, so it is very pleasant to relax here. Right near the river, three large pools were built into which hot spring water flows.

Temple of the monkeys.

We make a stop in the jungle, where usually (fed already) monkeys come, if at this time they have no other, more urgent matters. You can come closer to them and feed them with bananas.

Rafting on the river Kwai.

In vests or on rafts.


Strong enough emotions while walking on an elephant. There will be a small show with small elephants, during which elephant massage will be shown.

And, of course, there will be swimming in the waterfall.

All excursions to Kwai can be seen here.

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