All Bangkok

All Bangkok - Excursion shock from Pattaya!

A wonderful walking tour of the capital of Thailand.

Group option All Bangkok

Price: ฿3100/person We do not take children on this tour.

Note: group tours are conducted with a Russian group and a Russian guide.

Private option All Bangkok

15000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 2800 ฿.

From Pattaya: departure time: 10.00 - 11.00, return time: 22.30 - 23.00.

Group from 4 to 9 people. Days of the event: any in the presence of a group. Departure time: 8.00. Return time: 22.00.

Additionally paid: fortune-telling by a magician, magical and religious rituals, amulets, souvenirs, alcoholic beverages.

All Bangkok - Description

All Bangkok. Only for adults. Dive into the world of crime, mysticism and legends of the giant Asian metropolis.

In one day we will see and feel various aspects of the life of the capital, where the modern world is closely intertwined with mysticism and legends, with national customs.

  • We will visit quarters where the average tourist will not get.
  • will see the real life of the slums, we will find out how the "mail to the next world" works reliably,
  • we will visit the weapons quarter, the former city prison,
  • walk along Khaosan Road, where you can buy documents from any country in the world,
  • reveal the mystery of illegal nightlife in Bangkok,
  • get acquainted with the ghosts that terrify the locals,
  • we will see giant monitor lizards, ride a long-tailed boat along the old canal,
  • then we will fly over the city center by air metro, see religious dances and much more.

This eventful day will be remembered for a lifetime!

Temple with ghosts

Tour The whole Bangkok begins with a visit to one of the unusual temples of the country "Wat Mahabut" - a place of pilgrimage for thousands of locals, where there is an altar dedicated to the ghost of Mae Nak Phrakanong.

This is the creepiest known ghost of the Kingdom of Thailand. The temple itself is not a tourist place, there are no onlookers and random people, only traditions, only Thai people!

On the adjacent territory there are unusual altars dedicated to Nang Mai - the forest (natural) spirits of the country. Opposite the temple on the water, dozens of houses standing on stilts are the slums of the Phrakanong Canal. Now we are not in a hurry, we are studying Thai spirits, ghosts and traditions!

Air metro. ritual for good luck

Before we head to Bangkok's "air" metro station, we'll pass through a block - a sharp contrast to the city - old wooden houses, almost collapsed, side by side with elite new buildings of high-rise buildings! A trip on the air metro of the capital through the whole city! The windows offer a great view of Bangkok from the height of a 6-storey building!

During the transfer from one metro line to another, we will visit Nang Rum - dancers of Thai folk dances who help make dreams and desires come true! Inspection of the altar "Eravan". A very famous place in the capital and all over Thailand! A place where local rich and ordinary people come to make financial wishes.

We will help tourists in the proper organization of the ritual! We will see a strong contrast between the urban, expensive city and the strong religious traditions of the Thais!

Ghost Skyscraper and Chinatown

From the overpass of the metro station, we will examine the “ghost” skyscraper - the Sathorn Unique Tower (if you wish, you can come closer to it). Let's talk about the terrible events and popular rumor associated with this high-rise.

We will sail on a pleasure boat along the Chao Phraya River to Chinatown. Beautiful views of expensive hotels and slums, gradually replacing each other!

Chinatown is the highlight of Bangkok. Now MORE TIME for a walk! Let's explore the hidden nooks and crannies where the foot of an ordinary tourist does not set foot! A real ghetto, hidden by front street signs! It is dangerous to visit such places in the evening, so we visit only in the daytime!

Temple-Ship and a walk along the river

A unique temple, beloved by King RAMA III, whose main temple is built in the shape of a ship;

Travel by catamaran on the Chaopraya River, the largest and most dangerous river in Thailand;

Armory and prison

Armory quarter. We will see how they sell real military firearms. We will reach the former city prison and hear stories about the torture that took place there.

On the way to the Golden Mountain we will see the oldest urban inhabitants of the canals - long monitor lizards!

As well as the oldest temple bowl workshop where people live and work near the canal, just like 150 years ago. It is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture.

Temple of the Golden Mount

Temple Wat Saket - "golden mountain", an observation deck on the roof of a tall tower! 344 steps and a wonderful view of the historic quarter and Chinatown! Once the tallest building in the capital before the era of skyscrapers!

Travel by speedboat on the historic San Saeb Canal. The journey starts from Wat Saket straight to Pratunam shopping area.

Erawan Temple

Pratunam district and Erawan sanctuary - legends, cult religious dances and rites for the fulfillment of desires;


An evening stroll through the Arab quarter and a visit to the largest complex of go-go bars, which will reveal the secret of illegal nighttime entertainment for residents and guests of the capital.

This ends the program All Bangkok. We return to Pattaya.

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