Thai Express

Thai express tour from Pattaya

Price: 3500 ฿, for child up to 120 cm 2500 ฿.
Days of departure Tuesday, Saturday.
Departure at 4.30, return at 22.00.
Without prepayment.

Included: guide, transfer everywhere, lunch, tickets.
Take with you:
clothes for temples with covered shoulders and knees, good shoes, money, hat, photo.
Russian guide, speaks English.

Thai Express Description

Thai Express Tour is a real gift for those who like to learn something new and different from life in other countries. On this tour, you will visit many different temples and places of worship.

The tour starts with a visit to the city of Phetchaburi, where you explore the temple, located in the cave of Tham Khao Luang. There are several rooms in the cave. In one of the rooms there is a hole in the ceiling, and you will see an unusual sight: sunlight is flowing from above. Many statues of Buddha.

At the entrance to the cave you will meet a bunch of monkeys, which you can treat with bananas.

Royal Palace

Leaving the caves, we go further to the palace and park complex of King Rama IV. The palace and park do not create the impression of magnificence. Rather, on the contrary, it shows that the kings of that era lived rather modestly. Here you climb up the cable car up the hill.

A train

Then you can visit a very small province of Thailand Samut Sonkran where you can see the most dangerous train in the world. At a certain time, after hitting a gong, the train will proceed along paths that pass directly through trade market ranks.

Then you visit the very small province of Thailand, Samut Sonkran, where you will see the most dangerous train in the world. At a certain time, after hitting the gong, the train will follow the path that goes directly through the mall.

For a long time, traders have learned to save time on folding and unfolding their goods, spending a few seconds on this. The movement of trains interfere mainly tourists, mostly Chinese, who love to pose in front of them.
Lunch on the river.

Catholic Church

You arrive at a Catholic temple around 6pm. At exactly 18.00, a church attendant will ring the bell to please the tourists. The area of the temple is very well appointed. Small fountains and lakes with fish. You can sit in silence and meditate.

Temple, dedicated to Muay Thai

Thai Princess contributed to the creation of the Muay Thai Temple. Here you will see the sacred fig tree and a large pot of tea, which is brewed for boxer fighters and has wonderful abilities.

You can try this tea. The taste is unusual. On the territory of the temple there is a small zoo where you can feed the animals and clear the karma.

Thailand Venice - the city of Amphawa

This is a city on the water. You will arrive there in the evening. Just at this time, when it gets dark, it's very nice there. Everywhere trees are decorated with lanterns like Christmas lights.

You ride a boat through the city canals, look at the flickering fireflies. Very beautiful.
Then go back to Pattaya.

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Russian version of the Thai Express page.

Thai Express Tour schedule:

  • 6.30 Departure from Pattaya.
  • 9.30 Petchaburi. Giant Cave.
  • 10.30 Tham Khao Luang.
  • 11.30 Palace and park complex of King Rama IV.
  • 12.00 Meeting of the train. Market drop-down umbrella.
  • 13.00 Lunch.
  • 16.00 Temple Thai boxing. Sacred ficus.
  • 18.00 Catholic Church.
  • 19.00 Thai Venice. Boating.
  • 21.30 Arrive in Pattaya hotels.

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