Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang Island from Pattaya.
Price: 1600 ฿.
Price for a child 900.
Children up to 90 cm free.
Daily. From 7.30 to 18.00.
Russian guide, speaks English. Without prepayment.

Koh Sichang Island 2 days / 1 night.
Price: 3200 ฿.
Price for a child 1600 ฿.
Children up to 90 cm free.
Monday. From 7.30 to 18.00 the next day.
Russian guide, speaks English. Without prepayment.

The price includes: transfer to and from, guide, tasting of unique varieties of Chinese tea, a review lecture on the world of Feng Shui, a light breakfast and a hearty lunch, fruit, chilled drinks, tea, coffee, bathing at the island, masks and snorkeling tubes.
With you: swimsuits, towels, money, sun cream.

Koh Sichang Tour from Pattaya - Description

Koh Sichang. Transfer to the island of Ko Sichang will take about half an hour, and you will be in the Chinese temple, which is located inside the Hall of the Mountain Spirits. According to Thai legend, visits to the cave will bring you success in your work and commercial endeavors.

Ritual offerings to the Highland Spirits for drumming. All visitors can still make the climb to the footsteps of the Buddha (about 300 steps), climb to the top of the mountain, and to see the whole island from the observation platform with spectacular views.

This Buddhist temple is located in an exclusive place on the mountain, near the complex of underground caves. According to mythical tradition, after a visit to the mountain spirits of the cave, you are sure to get a positive charge of energy, which will contribute to your success, happiness and love.

Be sure to issue a request for desire, writing it on a red ribbon. Among other things, you can perform a ritual purification of your karma by climbing to the top of the mountain to the footprints of the Buddha.

You will also see a beautiful bay with an underground grotto, walk through the palace and park complex of King Rama V.
And in the end there will be a beach relax at one of the wonderful beaches of this unique and original Koh Sichang.

Tour 1 day - program

  • 7:10 - 7:40 Pick up from hotels in Pattaya.
  • 8:20 Port Koh Loi in the town of Sriracha.
  • 8:20 Feeding turtles and squirrels in the park, a Buddhist temple on the top of the rock observation deck. karma purification ritual.
  • 9:10 The crossing to the island of Ko Sichang.
  • 09:40 Walk to the Chinese temple. You can make a wish there and write it on a crimson tape, which will give you a guide. You have a ceremony in the
  • temple of mountain spirits.
  • 10:10 Rite Siam Sea. Success in commercial matters provided
  • 10:40 Residence of King Rama V.
  • 11:00 Ritual to attract money. 300 steps to the Buddha's feet. Beautiful view from the observation deck.
  • 11:40 Walk through the former royal residence.
  • 12:00 Time for sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful bay of Tampang.
  • 13:00 A delicious lunch. Soup with shrimp, Thai papaya salad, fried shrimp, fruit, rice
  • 15:20 Check-out from port.
  • 18:00 Deliver on hotels in Pattaya.

Tour 2 days - program

  • departure from hotels 7: 30-8: 00, transfer to the port;
  • contemplation of sea turtles on the pier;
  • departure to the island on small ferries;
  • visit to the Chinese temple: "Grotto of Desires";
  • arrival at the observation platform: meditation, photography;
  • a visit to the garden and the royal residence of Rama v;
  • departure to the beach, lunch;
  • arrival at the hotel. Bungalow with air conditioning.
  • Breakfast in the hotel. Then all day long beach vacation.
  • Arrival in Pattaya after 19 hours.

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