Animal World

Animal World in Pattaya - Two petting zoos, bird show, snake farm and turtle valley.

Group tour

Price: 1800 ฿. A child up to 120 cm 1300.

Private tour

Price: 5000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 1000 ฿.

Duration day. The tour is held on any day of the four people. English guide.

The price includes: guide, transportation, tickets, pet food.
Take with you: a photo and video camera, sunglasses, a hat, money for personal expenses.

Description and Schedule

Animal World - a new tour for a family holiday in Pattaya. The best program for the whole family.

Attention, the excursion is carried out DAILY!

Conducted in Russian and English (optional).

Another new excursion in Pattaya In the world of animals, where you will see all the diversity of the animal world of Thailand. Family tour in Pattaya. Children and adults alike explore many places in one day, to which there are separate excursions.

The program includes excursions Animal World:

Sheep farm.

On the Sheep Farm - in addition to sheep, there are other animals here: rabbits, spotted deer, piglets, llamas, pelicans, turtles, there is also a park with birds.

there is a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel, carousels, trampolines and a shooting gallery. You can ride on a horse or in a carriage,

Park and bird show.

Pleasant walk in the garden and leisurely sightseeing, you will watch the bird show. The show features large parrots riding bicycles, guessing numbers and showing off their knowledge of arithmetic. Also hornbills.

Bear park in Pattaya

Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Center Thailand. Photography is not allowed in the kennel.

Place unknown to the general public. About a hundred bears live there, who rejoice at the arrival of tourists and begin to show everything they have learned: dancing, dragging logs, walking on their hind legs.

Contact zoo.

There live: alpacas, capybaras, lions, giraffes, arapaima, zebras and many other species. You can ride elephants and horses. You can drink delicious coffee and have a snack.

There will be a huge number of all kinds of animals that can be fed and stroked for the joy of little tourists.

Valley of the Turtles.

A few kilometers from Pattaya, dozens of large turtles are walking on the lawn. You can take pictures with them, you can also feed the turtles with fresh vegetables (they are very fond of carrots, cucumbers and cabbage).

An individual trip to the turtles from Pattaya and back costs 500 ฿, (price per car).

Mountain of the Golden Buddha.

Khao Chichan with a rock image of Buddha. This attraction can be visited on many excursions, such as the Wat Yan Temple.

If you visit all these places separately, it will take 2-3 days. And by visiting this tour, cover everything at once.

In general, this is a great positive trip for the whole family, which will give children an ocean of positive emotions and active leisure. They will simply have no time to get bored.

Brief tour program:

  • 8.00 Departure from hotels in Pattaya.
  • 8.30 Petting zoo "Aquarium of monsters" (alpacas, capybaras, lions, giraffes, arapaima, zebras and many other species of animals, snakes and fish).
  • 10.30 Bird show.
  • 11.00 Sheep farm - sheep farm. Contact zoo.
  • 13.00 Lunch.
  • 14.00 Bear nursery. Malayan Bear Rehabilitation Center. Let's feed the cubs.
  • 15.00 Turtle Valley. Let's feed the big turtles.
  • 15.30 Golden Buddha Mountain.
  • 16.00 Snake farm. Those who wish can eat a snake and drink a cocktail of snake blood (for an additional fee).
  • 17.30 Return to Pattaya hotels

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