Underwater World

Underwater World - Oceanarium in Pattaya.

Group option

Price: 700 ฿. Baby up to 120 cm 600 ฿.
Daily. Duration 2.5 hours. Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Underwater World privately.

Round trip transfer with waiting 1500 ฿ (minibus 2200 ฿).
Adult tickets ฿400/children ฿300. Every day at any time.

Included in the price: transfer from the hotel and back, entrance tickets.
Take with you: money, video photos, children and a good mood.

Underwater World - Description

Underwater World in Pattaya is a tunnel with transparent walls 100 meters long, which is divided into sections. Oceanarium in Pattaya daily presents for visitors a variety of shows.

During the performances you can feed the marine life, both under water and from the surface.

A show with otters is held several times a day.
If you are a happy owner of a diver certificate, then you have a unique opportunity to swim with sharks and other predators for an additional fee.

Among other things, in the building of the aquarium "Underwater World" also has a cafe, a small selection of souvenirs.

Underwater World in Pattaya area:

Zone with sharks and stingrays.

You will see a long tunnel. The tunnels in the Aquarium, in turn, are divided into sections:

  • Coral reef - Small stingrays, various fish, corals, all very, very beautiful!
  • The area of ​​predatory fish: here are sharks, huge stingrays, and other predatory fish.

Rare fish:

Angel fish, butterfly fish. Along the way, there are a variety of aquariums with fish. You will see a large cylinder-aquarium with colored fish, with moray eels. Also, there is an aquarium with obscure spotted monsters.

Aviary with otters.

Funny water animals. Several times a day a show with otters is held in the Aquarium.

The fourth zone is a shipwreck tank with different types of fish:

You will see the following specimens: sea turtles, napoleon fish, sea bream, sea bass and green turtles.

There are special aquariums with a hole for hands.  The creators have developed them in a special way - water does not flow from them. Putting your hand in the aquarium, you can touch its inhabitants, as well as feed them. Feeding carps through a bottle is pretty cool, they drink just like kittens.

Among other things, at the entrance to the aquarium in Pattaya there is a shallow-water Touch pool, where you can see and touch non-dangerous inhabitants of the ocean:

  • Starfish, blue stingrays,
  • big turtles, cat sharks,
  • heaps of colorful bright fish,
  • colorful corals, algae.

However, pulling all creatures out of the water is prohibited.

In addition to this tour, see other trips related to animals in Pattaya here.

For whom the excursion to the Underwater World:

  • For curious children;
  • Fans of marine fauna;
  • Who has 2-3 hours of free time and the hunt to see something interesting near Pattaya.

What will you see when visiting Underwater World?

  • Diverse representatives of the sea. Otters show.
  • Feeding carps.
  • You can purchase attributes for diving, touch fish and turtles.

A similar option is the Pattaya Monster Aquarium.

Monster Aquarium.

There is a mini contact zoo at the aquarium, you can also feed beautiful fish with milk.
The new glass tunnel allows a short distance to look at the predatory inhabitants of the ocean.

  • Cost: adult 700 ฿, children up to 130 cm 600 ฿.
  • Daily. The time of the program along with the transfer is 3 hours.

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