Latex and leather – La Galleria

Latex and leather – La Galleria is open from 8.30 to 16.30.

Order a free transfer until 14.00.

Free transfer there and back regardless of the purchase.

You can order a free tour of Latex and leather – La Galleria and the Museum of Sleep by calling

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Latex and leather – La Galleria in Thailand - Overview

The largest latex factory in Thailand - La Galleria has now opened in Pattaya.

Latex and leather – La Galleria: corporation includes "Gems Gallery" jewelry factories, "Herb And Health Gallery" medical health centers and "La Galleria" latex factories.

Branches of the company are opened in 37 provinces of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Free transfer to Latex factory in Thailand - La Galleria from your hotel to the factory and back.

We invite you on an excursion to the most interesting museum of sleep, which contains antiques from various parts of the world, absolutely free of charge, every day at any time from 9.00 to 16.00.

What you will see in the Latex and Leather Shop - La Galleria:

Natural Latex Quatex - Quality latex for quality life

Latex is a milky liquid, a product obtained exclusively from nature. Latex, especially from the rubber tree Para, is known as the best material for bedding and pillows as it is a more preferred alternative to memory foam due to its superior properties and naturalness.

All Quatex Natural Latex products are made from 100% natural latex (no synthetics or chemical additives) exclusively from Thai rubber trees that have been grown in the best humid tropical climate of Southern Thailand.

Sleep Museum

Explore the myths about sleep. Since sleep is an important and inevitable component of human life, innovators from time to time look for ways to invent new bedding technologies.

The Sleep Museum describes all these stories and depicts the history of sleep and bedding from different eras. Then back to modern innovations in bed linen, where LATEX is the leader as the highest quality material for beds, mattresses and pillows.

Knowledge of all latex manufacturing processes from the extraction of latex from the natural rubber tree to the production of the final product is on display at our Sleep Museum

The latex factory in Thailand - La Galleria  provides a quality certificate for all products sold and gives a 7-year warranty, the products themselves are designed for a 20-year service life.

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