Night Bangkok

Night Bangkok - the author's tour.

Price for an individual tour Night Bangkok:

from Pattaya 18,000 ฿ per car up to 4 people.

Tour start/end time: 15:30/2.30 am.

Groups of up to 4 people, no more. The excursion is individual.

You should not take children on this excursion. Daily.

Night Bangkok - description and program

We will see something that ordinary tourists will not see. We present to your attention our author's capital exclusive!

When the evening illumination of the city lights up, and ordinary tourists are already on their way to their hotels, we are just starting our journey through the most picturesque, vibrant and bewitching places of the capital!

Such Bangkok will not be shown on any existing tour! Introducing our new mind blowing Bangkok tour at night! Real gurus will work with you, our Bangkok guides, who perfectly know all aspects of life in the capital.

15.00-15.30 - collection of tourists from hotels in Pattaya.

18.00-19.30 - Watching the sunset in Chinatown

We will start our trip around Bangkok in the evening, already in the rays of the setting sun, when the heat of the day will give way to the cool of the evening!

Bangkok Chinatown, Yaowarat Street.

Night Chinatown. We will visit an ancient Chinese temple, which has an ancient wooden 1000-year-old statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin, brought from the Middle Kingdom several centuries ago, which is believed to cure any disease.

Next, we will have a gastronomic journey through the busiest quarter of Bangkok, Chinatown. As the Bangkok people themselves say, "evening Chinatown for food."

20:00-20:30 - Khaosan Road

Then we will visit the most party and notorious street of Bangkok - Khaosan Road (the famous "Bangkok Walking Street"), where you can have a glass of something refreshing or intoxicating.

The most visited and noisy street of the city at night. Lots of bars with live music and people looking for entertainment.

21.00-22.00 - Patpong

Get to know the Patpong area. You will visit a vibrant interactive museum.

Learn how the history of Bangkok's modest industrial district is closely intertwined with the history of the secret American war, thanks to well-known American and world politicians, businessmen, military men, artists and crime bosses.

22.30-23.00 - Soi Cowboy area

Soy Cowboy. Movie Star Street, the most recognizable street in Bangkok at night. Everything that has ever been filmed in the global film industry, if the action took place in Bangkok, was filmed here.

23.30-00.00 - Nana Plaza (Nana Plaza) and the Arab quarter

The three-story Nana Plaza complex is the most important pillar of the city at night, "The largest playground for adults" + a walk through the Arab quarter.

00.00 - departure to Pattaya

02.00 - arrival at hotels in Pattaya

Our tour of Night Bangkok ends. And after such an impressive and eventful tour, you will go to your hotels!

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