Pipo Pony Club Pattaya

Pipo Pony Club Pattaya.

Price: 900 ฿. Order in 2 hours.

Duration 2.5-3 hours. Daily, at any time from 9.00 to 16.00. We go from 2 people.

Included: round-trip transfer, tickets, animal shows.
Take: a camera, hats, money. No prepayment. Without a guide.

Pipo Pony Club Pattaya - description.

What you will find at Pipo Pony Club in Pattaya:

Fairytale castle

At the entrance to Pipo Pony is a fabulous castle with well-groomed territory. You will find here ponds and lawns with active elements that will delight young children and their parents.


There is a garden filled with smurfs and statues of characters from My Little Pony, Avatar. In addition, there is a large horse and pony made of Lego bricks, as well as small cool cars that will drive you through the park. There is also the Cinderella Pumpkin Coach, a pumpkin carriage driven by two tiny ponies.

Scottish pony

The main attraction is the Pipo Pony Club, where you can see the beautifully groomed ponies of the Scottish islands. These magnificent miniature horses love to be stroked. You can also feed them carrots.

Pony ride

But most importantly - you have the opportunity to ride a pony. A pony will be chosen according to the size of your child, and two accompanying guides will be nearby to closely monitor the safety of the trip.

Horse Club

Older children can even join an equestrian club and take riding lessons.

Acrobatic Show

There is also an exciting and exciting acrobatic show featuring Mongolian horsemen every day at 10:30 and 14:00.

Cafes and restaurants

Club has several themed cafes with local and international cuisine.

You can also visit one of the souvenir shops. There are a lot of them. Or to a candy store. You can have a cup of coffee with a cake.
Pipo Pony offers also:

  • Riding a bull.
  • Exhibition of vintage cars.
  • Terrarium for reptiles.

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