Rinker Fiesta

Rinker Fiesta - Private boat trip to a beautiful island on a speedboat.

Capacity up to 10 people. Prepayment of 50% is required.

Prices for Rinker Fiesta tour:

Koh Kram Noi Island

1-4 people - 23,000 baht. Each additional person + 1000 baht

Koh Rin or Koh Manwichai Islands

4 people - 25,000 baht. Each additional person + 1000 baht

Koh Pai Island

1-4 people - 26,000 baht. Each additional person + 1000 baht

The price includes round trip transfer, water, ice, soft drinks, lunch, fruit, tickets to the islands, fishing, snorkeling.

Standard program 9.00-17.00.


Rinker Fiesta - boat description

The large, comfortable speedboat Rinker Fiesta has excellent seaworthiness and is ideal for relaxing with a noisy group or for a romantic walk around the islands. Maximum capacity - 10 people.

Cruise speed - 45 km/h.
Maximum speed - 75 km/h.

1. Unlike sailing yachts, the travel time on this boat (at cruising speed) from the Marina to Koh Koh Kram Noi is only 25 minutes versus 90 minutes on sailing yachts.

2. Due to the low draft, the boat can approach close to the beach.

On board there is everything necessary for a quality holiday: a cabin, a bedroom, a toilet, comfortable sofas inside and outside the yacht, a sun awning, a removable table, a music system, masks with snorkels, fishing rods, refrigerators with ice for cooling drinks, a lifebuoy and vests, towels

Take with you: a towel, swimming accessories, sunscreen, money for personal expenses.

You can rent Rinker Fiesta and other boats for your company. Details for renting other boats here.

Any day by appointment. Capacity 10 people. Prepayment is required.

Rinker Fiesta Tour Program

  • 8.30 Transfer from the hotel to the Marina Whal beach, where the Rinker Fiesta boat is moored.
  • 9.00 Departure to the island of Koh Khram or Koh Rin or Koh Pai.
  • 10.00 We drop anchor near the island and catch fish (the usual catch is about a bucket).
  • 11.00 Disembarkation on the island. We swim, sunbathe, dive with masks and snorkels (included in the price), and walk around the island.
  • 13.00 Lunch on the yacht or on the island. They will prepare fish soup, salads, fried chicken, pasta, and drinks for you. You can take alcohol with you.
  • 14.00 Relax on the island.
  • 16.30 We leave for the harbor.
  • 17.00 Arrival at the port. Transfer to hotels.

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