Secret Siam

Secret Siam - effortless, informative tour from Pattaya.

Group Option - Secret Siam

Price: 2500 ฿, for child up to 120 cm 1400 ฿.

Private Option - Secret Siam

Price: ฿ 10000 for 2 people, + ฿ 2000 for each additional person.

For 1 day. Days of departure any from 3 persons. Departure at 10.00, returning at 20.00.

The tour is conducted in Russian and English. Small groups of 4-7 people.
If desired, you can perform a ritual for good luck in the temple.
Without long journeys, everything is located within 110 km from Pattaya (1 hour by motorway).

The tour is suitable for both adults, as it will be interesting for children as well, they will especially like the bird park and the petting zoo.
Also, this program is suitable for those who have limited mobility, you do not need to walk much on this program.

  • The price includes: meals, guide, transfer, all tickets.
  • With you to take: clothes with closed shoulders and knees, hat, camera.

Changes to the Secret Siam excursion

THE SECRET OF SIAM (THAI HOGWARTS) - New, expanded program, from 2024

Super Secrets of Siam.

Now in the program you can watch and take part in 9 Buddhist rituals,

We will see sacred mummies, and you can apply washable Sak Yant tattoos, make 6 wishes that should come true, feed the arapaima, and visit an authentic Thai market.

We have slightly changed the excursion program, now it has become a real mystical adventure with the deepest immersion into the world of magic and rituals of deep Thailand.

What has changed in the program:

  • - Ritual for good luck with the application of a unique temporary Sak Yan, erasable paint and putting on the head of Ganesha.
  • - Magic ritual with the energy of flame.
  • - Ritual with applying mantras for good luck to the hands with temporary paint.
  • - We feed giant predatory arapaima fish, turtles, rabbits and oxen.
  • - Blessing by the monk and tying the saishin rope amulet.
  • - 18-step ritual for creating a personal amulet of wealth and good luck from a coin (incense, candles, oil, bell, writing, firecrackers).
  • - Let's visit 6 places where you can make wishes and receive powerful ancient mystical powers to help you.
  • - Ritual with the dragon.
  • - We will see 3 real mummies of monks.
  • - The most unusual temples in Thailand, Golden, Flying Fox Temple, Luminous Temple.
  • - Let's make a Chinese prediction of the future.
  • - We will see a statue of a child - a ghost and a demon with fangs, sharp ears and membranous wings, which the Thais worship and learn their secret.
  • - We will visit an authentic Thai market with a guide, where we will learn about our favorite Thai sweets and fruits.
  • - For lunch, medicinal Thai compotes of chrysanthemum, hibiscus, pineapple and scarlet basil will be served.

Secret Siam from Pattaya Description

Wat Sathon

First you visit the Wat Sathon temple, where you will listen to the history of Buddhism, the difference in the religion of the Chinese and the Thais. Beautiful white marble building. This place is famous for having a wish-fulfilling Buddha statue.

Wat Sampokong

Near Wat Sathon is a Chinese temple Wat Sampokong, which holds the mummy old Thai monks. Here you can give a donation, and, kind of like, you'll be charged the positive aura of the place. Thoughts should not be sinful.

The next point of the tour is the Golden Temple, which is a masterpiece of world architecture. Outside and inside, everything is covered in gold paint.

City of Sand

After this there will be a Sandy City with sculptures of local craftsmen. The museum has three rooms, the first of which is dedicated to the King of Thailand and his achievements, in the second there are various mythological and fairy-tale characters, and in the third sand copies of the world's attractions. Very impressive.

Parrot Farm

Further stop - it's Farm parrots. Lots of birds. Some specimens weighing 5 kg. Unusual and the price of these parrots. There are 150,000 baht.

Temple flying foxes

At the end of the tour will be another monastery in whose territory inhabited by thousands of flying foxes. We will visit this place at a time of day when they flock from the trees to hunt at night.

At sunset we visit the Golden Temple, where very beautiful photos are obtained.

New! Luminous Temple in Chachoengsao Province.

We will see the fantastic phosphor glow of a Buddhist temple at night, it looks especially amazing right after sunset.

Other tours with nature and the temples of Thailand are here.

Schedule trips Secret Siam:

  • 9:05-9:35 Pick up from the hotel. Departure from Pattaya.
  • 11.00. Temple of Good Luck in Chocheongseo. The ancient city of Chachoengsao, visiting the temple of wish fulfillment Wat Sothon. (110 km from Pattaya).
  • Chinese ancient temple with 400-year-old mummies of monks.
  • 12.00 Ganesha Temple.
  • Lake, park and Lotus flower island.
  • 13:20 Lunch on the river bank.
  • 14.30 Cruise on a pleasure boat on the Bac Pakong River.
  • 15.30 The world's largest sculpture of Ganesha.
  • Golden Temple.
  • Monastery of the Flying Foxes, making wishes (about 1 hour).
  • 17.45 Luminous Temple. Stunning glow in the night.
  • 20.00 Return to Pattaya

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