Skydiving in Pattaya.


  • Skydiving without video 14.500 ฿
  • Skydiving - Video camera on instructor 17.700 ฿.
  • Skydiving + Side Skydiver (Photo & Video)* 21.500

Days of departure: daily. Pick up from hotels at 07:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:30.

Included: round trip transfer to Rayong province!, instructor, jump, insurance.

Instructor - Super professional with extensive experience from Europe. American pilot. The plane was brought from America. Skydiving of this company has been operating in the USA and England for more than 35 years.

When booking, please inform the weight and data (passport photo), as well as a deposit of 50% of the package value. Departure days: daily.

If you have never jumped before, don't worry - everyone who is over 18 years old and weighing up to 120 kilograms is allowed to jump.

But, if you weigh from 95 kg to 100 kg, you will need to pay 500 ฿, and 1000 ฿ if the person weighs more than 100 kg.

Book your flight in advance to make sure you jump on that date. We organize jumps from 08:00 am. Take clothes that do not impede movement: jeans or shorts, a T-shirt, closed shoes.

All insured tandem skydiving is statistically no more dangerous than horse racing, rugby and cricket.

Skydiving in Pattaya - Description

In this extreme tour in Pattaya, we offer to experience one of the most unforgettable events of life - skydiving in tandem with an instructor.

During the flight, you are tied to a highly qualified instructor, double seat belt. A single container parachute designed for two people will be used.

Do not worry!! The instructor has a reserve parachute.

Instruction lasts about half an hour. The briefing will be told how the flight will be conducted, what to do during the jump and landing.

And then, with joyful smiles, on the plane!

You, an instructor and an experienced pilot, take off for 20-25 minutes to a height of 4 km and the coach jumps out of the plane. Since you are attached to the instructor, so are you. About a minute at speeds up to 200 km / h you can freely soar in the sky over Pattaya.

While free-floating in the air, you will only enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom and feel like a bird. Your experienced trainer will provide stability in the fall and will open the parachute at the correct height.

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