Snake farm

Snake farm in Pattaya.

Price: adult 600 ฿, children up to 120 cm 400 ฿.

The show is shown at 10.30, 14.30. Without a guide. Without prepayment.

The price includes: transfer from the hotel and back, entrance ticket.
With you to take: money hat, photo video.

If you only want to buy something at the Snake Farm, payment is only for the transfer.
Price for a minibus.

  • From Jomtien and Najomtien 200 baht.
  • From the center of Pattaya - 300 baht.
  • North and Naklua - 400 baht.

At will, you can purchase there for a surcharge:

  • Photo with a boa constrictor - 100 baht.
  • Roast and soup made from meat and snake organs - from 500 baht.
  • Cocktails made of blood and snake venom with rum - from 1000 baht.
  • Medicines and cosmetics from snakes - from 200 baht.

Snake Farm - Description

On the snake farm, you can see many types of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes of different colors and sizes.
In addition to snakes, here you can also look at other creatures: spiders, frogs, monkeys, and even take pictures with thick lory.

And in the shop at the farm you can find a lot of products from snakes. Leather belts and wallets, snake bile tinctures, drugs. And in the cafe there is an opportunity to try snake meat, and for the most courageous - even snake blood. To drink the blood of a snake costs from 1000 ฿ (depending on the type of snake), and roast and soup 500 per dish.

The highlight of the snake farm is the snake show, where a brave snake tamer demonstrates the wonders of reptile training.

Snake show

The snake show takes place in a room similar to an amphitheater, the scene from the audience is separated by a glass wall, but not high.

In one of the scenes of the show in the aquarium they plant a mongoose to the snake, and you can watch the duel. Trainers also demonstrate that snakes are indeed venomous by pressing the snake's head against a glass and squeezing the poison out of it.

At the end of the presentation, one of the handlers takes a snake and throws it through a glass partition into the auditorium. Usually where most women sit.

Squeal is such that lays the ears. In fact, instead of a poisonous snake, the trainer throws a piece of rope into the hall, resembling a snake in color and length.
When all viewers understand that they are not in danger, they begin to smile.

After the presentation, you can take pictures with snakes and their trainers. Do not skimp on the tip.

By the way, a visit to the Farm of snakes in Pattaya is included in the program of some excursions. For example Discovery tour deluxe.

In addition to this tour, see other trips related to animals in Pattaya here.

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