Fails Funeral Ritual Thailand

Fails Funeral Ritual Thailand

The FUNERAL RITUAL is performed every morning at the White Temple in Pattaya.

Group tour price: ฿1100/person.


Departure daily at approximately 9.00.

  • Included: transfer, ritual, guide.
  • Bring with you: clothes for temples with covered shoulders and knees, money for donations.

You can also watch the ritual or take part in it on excursions: Magic of the East, Wat Yan.

The guide will show you how to do it correctly.

Ritual Funeral Failures Thailand - description

If you have a black streak, luck has turned away from you, then you need to reboot, under the supervision of the monks. Just like you reboot your phone, computer, you can reboot your destiny.

Break a string of failures - just bury them!

The ceremony "Funeral of failures" allows you to be born again, clear karma, leave everything that interferes and enter a new life, where fortune (perhaps) will be on your side !!!

Experienced monks will perform the ancient ritual "Funeral of failures" - purification of karma, using coffins, ancient mantras, blessings and protection from troubles, sprinkle with holy water and tie a sai sin rope for good luck.

For those who have experienced a series of setbacks and want to start over, one Thai temple has an unusual solution: to "rehearse" death with a mock funeral, including lying in a coffin.

In the White Temple of Pattaya, a ritual of the Funeral of Failures is held every day to bring good luck.

Participants in a recent ritual stood in front of their assigned coffins, holding flowers in their hands and praying that the bad luck would go away and then be blessed.

A small donation to the monks for flowers, a white sheet and a set of services.

“First we pray to wash away all the bad. It will go away when the monk covers the coffin with a sheet,” said the monk at the temple conducting the ceremonies.

The monk will turn the sheet over and pull it back, as if pulling back good things. First we push away failures, and then we put in all the good.

While the participants lie in coffins, the monks sing prayers. After that, the guests get up and go out so that the monk sanctifies them with holy water.

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