East Magic

Восточная магия - тур в Паттайю.

Цена: 1800 ฿, цена для ребенка до 120 см 1200 ฿

Дети от 3 до 14 лет по детской цене. Дети до 3 лет - бесплатно.

Дополнительно оплачивается:
ЕЗДА НА СЛОНЕ (20 мин) - 400 ฿.

От двух человек проводим любой день.

В стоимость входит: гид, трансфер, все билеты, питание. корм для черепах и рыб.

Возьмите с собой: головные уборы, деньги на личные расходы, одежду с прикрытыми плечами и коленями для висков, фото-видео.

East Magic - a global clearing karma. Description

Ritual East Magic

The first point on the tour is the Karma Cleansing Ritual in the monastery. The monk will take your hand and recite sacred mantras. After that, you are guaranteed success and good luck in all your endeavors.

Then the Thai Village, where you will see the real life of the locals.

Then there will be the original White Temple.

Silverlake Vineyard

Very nice place with beautiful scenery on Silver Lake. Tasting of the freshest grape juice. You can try local wine (optional for an additional fee).

A unique restaurant in the Black Forest jungle.

On the shore of the lake, in which flocks of beautiful koi fish swim. In the restaurant you can take pictures with representatives of the tribe of long-necked women. Also on the territory of the restaurant there is a real jungle with streams, waterfalls, lakes. There is a 3 d Art Gallery, you can ride elephants (optional, if desired). Drink of your choice (coffee, tea, soft drink).

Mount Khao Chi Chan

A mountain with a giant image of Buddha laid out in gold. Steal the gold does not work. The military is well guarded this rock.

Wat Yan

Former imperial palace, now a museum. Terracotta warriors brought from China and the tomb of the Chinese emperor. Mysterious Buddhist monastery Wat Yan. The final process of cleaning karma.

There will be a Lotus Lake and a museum of Neo-Buddhism.

Let's make a tambun (a good deed): we feed various animals and fish. We release fish and turtles into the lake

We overcome 300 steps uphill. With each step we get rid of all the bad things that prevented us from living. Judging by the number of places for cleaning karma, this excursion should be attended by the most hardened sinners.

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