Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a new excursion from Pattaya to the very heart of Thailand. Place of the Dragon, market on rails, Temple of the Thousand and One Red Roses, Thai Venice.

Group tour price:

2990 ฿/adult, 2500 ฿/children up to 130 cm.

Individual tour price:

16000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 2500 ฿.

  • Included: transfer, guide, all entrance fees, lunch.
  • Take with you: money, photo-video, hat. clothes for temples (closed shoulders and knees).
  • Departure days: Tue, Thu, Sat.

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THE FIFTH ELEMENT - a new tour to the very heart of Thailand!

We invite you to take part in our amazing excursion and experience the magic of the four elements by visiting iconic places in THAILAND, symbolizing air, earth, fire and water!

Everyone who visits the Places of Power (like the main character of the famous film masterpiece) will find good luck, feel the power of the support of the four elements and become successful in all endeavors.

In the program The Fifth Element:

Place of the Dragon (Element - air):

The 80-meter-high tower is a symbol of 80 years of Buddha's life. A huge, Good Dragon encircles the building, which serves as a place of meditation for monks. Climbing it is a way to get rid of failures and the path to prosperity. You definitely need to stroke the dragon’s tail to make your plans come true!

Market on rails (Element - earth):

We will visit a unique market, which is located right on the railway tracks. Traders deftly close their stalls, removing simple goods in front of the nose of a passing train, setting an example of unshakable strength and perseverance.

Temple of the Thousand and One Red Roses (Element - fire):

a magical place for those who come to ask for good luck and material well-being, wealth, success, abundance! Surprising, but real: burning candles reveal a series of lucky numbers that will help you win the lottery. Believe in luck and everything will work out!

Thai Venice - a real floating market (Element - water):

You will be able to visit the oldest and largest traditional water market in Thailand, try local treats and buy souvenirs.

This day will bring you unforgettable impressions, the opportunity to fulfill your desires, charge you with the magical power of the four elements, and immerse you in Thai culture and traditions.

The fifth element is you!


  • 08:00 – Departure from Pattaya
  • Majestic Dragon Temple - Element - air
  • Short stop near a salt farm
  • Educational show on sugar preparation
  • 14:15 – Lunch
  • Market on rails - Element - earth
  • Temple of One Thousand and One Red Roses - Element - fire
  • Monkey River Walk
  • Thai Venice - Element - water
  • 22:00 – Return to Pattaya

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