Siri Discovery Tour

Siri Discovery Tour - New excursion in Pattaya.

Group option

Cost: for an adult 1700 ฿, children under 120 cm - 1500 ฿.

Note: group tours are conducted with a Russian group and a Russian guide.

Private option Siri Discovery Tour

7000 ฿ for 2 people, each additional person + 1200 ฿.

Departure days: daily. Time from 7.30 to 18.00.

Included in the price: transfer, guide, tickets.
Take: money, photo-video, children.

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Siri Discovery Tour review and schedule

7:30 Pick up from hotels and departure from Pattaya

Wat Khao Tabaek Skywalk - glass bridge

At Wat Khao Thabaek, visitors can enjoy scenic views thanks to a glass bridge that has recently opened to the public. This place looks like a cherry blossom garden thanks to the bright red trees. The bridge also offers a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view, making beautiful photos.

Pineapple plantation, pineapple tasting.

Chonburi Grand Canyon

Natural and man-made attraction from Pattaya to go about 1 hour.

The Grand Canyon and the Snowy Mountains appeared on the site of an exhausted quarry. Everything looks very picturesque: emerald water, steep cliffs, narrow paths under fluffy tropical bushes and viewing platforms. Take sun hats.

Chinese Temple of the Red Dragon

Temple complex-Wat Ang Sila - Temple of the Red Dragon. The original was built around 1700 in the Kingdom of Ayutthaya and has been perfectly preserved to this day.

The temple is literally full of images of dragons. There is a beautiful fountain in front of the temple. There is a large drum, next to a special beater. You need to pick it up, think about everything bad and negative that happened in life, and hit the drum three times with a hammer. With each subsequent blow, this “bad” thing leaves your life, karma is cleared.

On the other side is a bell that will help your wishes come true. Make your most cherished wish and boldly strike the bell.

Temple of Hell and Heaven

To get into Buddhist hell, you need to break at least one of the 5 commandments: do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie, do not use alcohol and drugs.

In the temple they will clearly show you what will happen to all sinners.

Siri Park Zoo

We watch various animals: crocodiles, parrots, rabbits, ponies, copybaras, iguanas, monkeys.

Siri Park & Zoo, Sriracha also offers the following exciting activities: Elephant Ride, Horseback Riding, Teddy Raccoon Cradle, Animal Feeding, Garden Walking, Rabbit House Visit, Taking Pictures with Animals. For an extra charge.

Lunch at the restaurant, located in the enclosure with Bengal tigers, buffet, Indian, European, Thai cuisine.

Tiger Park Pattaya

Here we shoot from pneumatic guns at targets above the enclosure with tigers, when hit, a small piece of meat falls to them.
Also a walk in the park, a photo with a lion cub or a crocodile for an extra charge

18.00 End of the Siri Discovery Tour. Return to Pattaya.

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