Spice Garden

Spice Garden in Pattaya.

Price: 900 ฿. Price for a child from 3 to 11 years old 700 ฿.

Days of departure daily. Departure at 10.30. The program lasts 3 hours. Without prepayment.

  • Included in the price: transfer to and from, lunch, guide.
  • Take with you: a hat, photo-video, money.

The Spice Garden can be visited free of charge, if you want specifically to buy something. In this case, the guide will not be.

Asian Spice Garden and medicinal herbs - Description

Welcome to Asian Spice Garden and medicinal herbs. On the excursion we will visit the Spice Museum, the Opium Museum, take a stroll through the Botanical Garden, which presents about two hundred different plants.

On the tour you will be offered a fruit cocktail and tasting of different varieties of tea. In the Garden operates a shop where visitors can buy a variety of spices, herbs, tea, coffee, fruit wines, national souvenirs.

Museum of spices

In the beginning you will find yourself in a unique spice museum, which will tell you the legend of occurrence of spices. You will be acquainted with the ancient methods used at the time of planting, growing, harvesting, processing and output of the final product.

Hall of Opium

An exclusive place in the Asian garden is the Opium Hall. Formally, opium is not a seasoning, but once a derivative of poppy was an integral part of society in all of Asia. The guide will tell you about the ancient rituals of using potions derived from the flower of the gods.

Botanical Garden 

Then stroll through the botanical garden, where there are different varieties of spices, herbs and Thai fruit trees.

Cooking show

During the event you will be acquainted with the traditional art of Thai cooks, arrange the tea ceremony and tasting of local fruits.
There will be a dinner for you, where you will cook under the guidance of a chef who will tell you the secrets of Thai cuisine and teach you to cook classic dishes: papaya salad, shrimp soup, rice with chicken.

Among other things, in the Spice Garden there will be a shop where you can buy fresh spices and seasonings.

There you will also find: traditional medicine, aromatic and medicinal teas, herbal infusions, delicious Thai fruit wines and local souvenirs and gifts.

Spice Garden - Excursion program

  • 09:30 We pick up tourists from Pattaya hotels.
  • 09:50 Arrival at the place.
  • 10:00 Start of the tour. Visit the spice museum and the opium hall.
  • 11:00 Walk in the botanical garden and get to know the plants.
  • 12:00 Cooking show with Tom Yum, Som Tam and Khao Pad. Dinner.
  • 13:00 Tea tasting.
  • 13:30 Departure to Pattaya.

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Shopping in the Asian Spice Garden!

Free transfer! In case you want to buy something specific in Pattaya Spice Garden, we will provide a free round trip car.

Spice garden - products:

Thai spices, spices, pastes and kits for cooking Thai folk cuisine; essential oils, natural cosmetics for face, body and hair; fragrant coffee brought from the northern regions of Thailand, healing and fragrant teas; medicines based on herbs and plants, collections and tinctures for healing the body.

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